Tatum API Reference (3.10.0)

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This is a API Reference for Tatum Blockchain Framework documented in OpenAPI format version 3.1.0 extended with a few vendor extensions.

You can find out more about Tatum Blockchain Framework at https://tatum.io/framework, and https://docs.tatum.io/framework

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Tatum Blockchain Framework offers an authentication using the API Key in HTTP header or in path.


The API Key represents identification of your plan and can be used by 1 developer only. Each API Key is bound to the testnet or mainnet version of blockchains.

To differentiate between testnet and mainnet, please supply a ?type=testnet|mainnet query parameter with your calls, otherwise the api key will default to mainnet.

Connecting without an API Key results in the creation of an API Key tied to your IP Address. This API Key is limited to 5req/s and 10M credits, these limits are renewed the 1st day of each month and are applicable to both testnet and mainnet.

Security Scheme Type: API Key
Header parameter name: x-api-key